Astrology is an ancient subject and one that fascinates most people. As a race we are on a perpetual quest to find answers, we crave to learn more about ourselves, and the people we share our lives with. We are longing to understand why we behave the way we do, react the way we do and feel the way we do. Do the planets really have anything to do with this? The answer is yes. Most defiantly. One easy way to see the planets influence here on earth is to look at the Sun and Moon. Without the Sun there would be no life whatsoever and the Moon controls Water. The tide for instance is a magnetic pull of the Moon. You have to admit, that is a very powerful force. We too are under the influence of the planets above. My job as your Personal Astrologer is to show you how the Planets influence your own personal lives. I can help with relationships and health concerns; astrology also can work very well as career guidance as well.

Natal Chart

A natal chart looks at the date and time of your birth and the positions of the planets at that time. I will write you an in-depth and personal report including my own input showing the influences of the 10 planets. These are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Mars, Venus, Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto.

Email Consultation

You will be able to purchase an email consultation for a month, 6 months or a year. Within the period of time you have selected I will be there for you to assist with any questions you may have that you would like some astrological input.

Compatibility Report

I will look you and your partners’ charts and compare them to see how whether the stars are in your favour. I will include any advice on how to maintain a good relationship. Of course it doesn’t have to be your partner it could be for a friend or someone you quite like but would like some guidance before you jump in with both feet.

Child Chart

I have found over the last 11 years that understanding my children’s signs is an invaluable tool in helping them achieve their full potential and also in understanding them as a person in their own right. Having your Childs chart done can give you a closer understanding of your relationship and it is especially good through the teenage years when, let’s face it, we need all the help we can get!!